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System Design

After the calculations are completed and it is known how much the forces are on the spar, the mooring system can be designed. The direction of the environmental forces will be decisive for a mooring system in 3 or 4 directions.

The anchor capacity and the required line diameter decide whether if there are 2, 3 or 4 wires needed, together with the classification rules. This visa versa interaction between anchor and lines is shown in the tree with the double arrow. Besides that the direction of the environmental forces controls a major part of the spread type, the anchor and wire interaction control the major part of the amount of wires, the last important subject is the redundancy. It has to be checked how much the mooring system can handle with one line broken. This will generate a loop within the design box, to optimize the configuration for these three inputs.

There are a number of choices. The mooring forces can be divided in 3 x 2 mooring lines to a system with 12 mooring lines.

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